Jay IDK made a big splash last year when he released the album SubTrap. The Maryland native offered up his own brand of trap rap, which focused on the social issues surrounding the trap.

Continuing the push for his SubTrap album, Jay IDK goes back to the LP to release a music video for the Ash Riser-assisted "God Said Trap." The song, and music video, sees Jay adopting the persona of King Trappy. Jay spoke about how the persona allows him to put trapping into perspective.

"I wanted to give the world a new perspective of the trap," Jay IDK told Complex, who premiered the music video. "We're out here killing ourselves, our people. A lot of rappers lie about who and what they are. I'm not a trapper, I'm not a drug kingpin. I created this alter ego 'King Trappy' [seen in this video] to put everything into perspective."

The music video pairs up shots of fireworks, black ski masks and shots of former President Ronald Reagan with the trapping imagery of Jay IDK's lyrics. The standout track is a look into the mindset of a trapper as opposed to the repercussions of the life that Jay examines on SubTrap. Jay told XXL about the impact he hopes to make as a socially aware rapper in today's industry.

"My goal is to be remembered, period," Jay said. "I wanna be the most successful socially aware artist: Grammys, number one singles, albums, overseas and internationally-known household name, all that. I feel as though I’m making the right moves to get there. I just did a verse for Chaka Khan! People have been telling me that SubTrap has been making them think more and some have been saying it has become like their voice, saying what they can’t say themselves in front of an audience."

Jay IDK's SubTrap is available now on iTunes.

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