James Blake has been racking up a huge fan base over the years, which only makes his live shows that much more packed and in high-demand. Over the weekend, the "Timeless" singer performed a stellar set at FORM Arcosanti in Arizona on Sunday, May 14, where he went through a slew of his biggest hits for the giant crowd. The highlight of the set, however, came when he hit the piano to do a solo set, covering Frank Ocean's "Godspeed" record.

Blake sang his heart out to the popular Blonde track from the California vocalist, which has become a fan favorite since its release last year. Throughout the rest of the set, the singer also performed some older hits, including "Retrograde," "The Colour In Anything" and more.

Some may be wondering why Blake decided to choose this particular song from Ocean to cover at the festival, but he happens to have production, arrangement and keyboard credits on the original version.

This is far from the first time "Godspeed" has been covered by artists, as Stormzy previously sang the track for BBC Radio 1, and dvsn even released a remix to the song.

Blake has also contributed to the hip-hop community's ear this year, as the musician has credits on Kendrick Lamar's "ELEMENT." record off of his DAMN. album.

Watch James Blake perform Frank's "Godspeed" record off of Blonde on the piano at FORM Arcosanti in Arizona below.

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