Not only is Jadakiss one of the illest MCs to ever pick up a mic, he's also a stand-up guy. The Yonkers rapper recently hit the streets of New York to hand out clothing and supplies to people in need.

The LOX artist posted up at Penn Station/Madison Square Garden in Manhattan and handed out food, jackets, sweatpants and other supplies. Cassidy also came through to help the needy.

Jada posted pictures and video of his good deed on Sunday (Jan. 22). He captioned one of the Instagram photos, "Feeding and clothing the less fortunate and underprivileged #filthyamerica (it's beautiful)." According to another IG picture, it was Jada's niece who came up with the idea.

Props to Jada for giving back. In other 'Kiss-related news, the 41-year-old musician recently appeared on DJ Whoo Kid's radio show and gave advice to up-and-coming artists. “Before we got on, we studied – not even studied – just coming from school every day turning on Video Music Box – just soakin’ all that type of shit up,” Jadakiss says. “That played a part of our career. Now you don’t have to turn on shit. You can look on your screen, whatever you want, and do whatever the fuck you want."

He also warned youngsters about the business side of the game, advising that they avoid shady record deal offers. "If you got a movement – you got the lime green dreads, y’all got Rollies, you got a drug dealer nigga – yeah, they taking that and maximizing it,” Jada says. “They ain’t developing it.”

As aforementioned, you can check out the pics and video of Jadakiss helping the less fortunate below, courtesy of his official Instagram account.

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