Patience has been the name of the game for 29-year-old North Carolina Jackie Spade. Kicking off his rap career at 20 years old, thanks to a short conversation with his cousin, Jackie has been chugging along, dropping music and remaining committed to his goals. In 2015, he won a contest that placed him in a 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards cypher, allowing him space on a huge platform for all to see. Now in 2019, he has a new album, Aurafication, out, and came to the XXL office to flex his freestyle skills for our What I Do series.

Jackie decides to have fun with his verse, covering a couple of topics in a short time. "I woke up handsome as fuck/Closer to a milli', got my mind on a billi'/I be all or nothing with it, but I ain't Milli Vanilli," he rhymes."The world chilly, my diamonds colder/Now a nigga really, I'm talking frio/I had to learn the game from my tio/My pops was too concealed, getting p'd off with his P.O."

While many artists have been rapping since they were kids, Jackie Spade is proof you can still achieve your dreams later in life. That conversation he had with his cousin nearly 10 years ago changed his career path. "As a joke, I said to my cousin one day, 'Yo, I'ma rap. I need some money, I'ma rap,'" he shares. His cousin fully believed in him, giving Jackie the confidence to take it seriously. For all of the progress he's made, Jackie has never forgotten one very important lesson: "If you want it, you gotta work for it."

Enjoy Jackie Spade's freestyle up top.

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