Despite recently kicking off his hit new MTV reality series, Follow the Rules, Ja Rule isn't interested in being famous anymore. In a recent interview with GQ, the Queens rapper shared that he wants to live out of the spotlight. "I’m getting weirder as I get older," said Ja,"I just want to be a recluse, I want to disappear."

The Pain is Love 2 MC acknowledged that this comment may seem silly given his new spot on MTV, but he's over the spotlight. "I mean, I am doing a reality show," he said. "I used to love being famous, it was the dopest, funnest thing. Not anymore."

As the interview progressed, Rule made it clear that he has "calmed down" and enjoys life behind the scenes.  During the interview, Rule talks about being a rebel and following his own rules ("I cut lines all the time. I’m a rule breaker, I just do what I do!"). After a reference to Curb Your Enthusiasm, he goes on to add, "I’m into unwritten rules, you know what I mean? Those are my favorite rules to follow."

Ja Rule and Ashanti may be hitting the road for a world tour. During an interview last month, the "New York" rhymer shared that he and the Princess of R&B are cooking up two projects. "Me and Ashanti are about to go on a big world tour... and we're putting together a music and film project with our whole Natural Born Killers tour and EP," said Ja.