More than 25 years into his musical career, Q-Tip is a rap legend twice over, and to be recognized by him is an honor. That recognition was an honor J.I.D received when he and the A Tribe Called Quest rapper hit up the studio together earlier this week.

On Thursday night (Nov. 8), the 2018 XXL Freshman hopped on Twitter and shared a video of himself and Q-Tip vibing out to the sounds of his forthcoming DiCaprio 2 album in the studio. In the video, J.I.D holds what's presumably his phone-camera lens up and away from his face as he turns the camera to the right where we can see Q-Tip looking pretty impressed with the sounds being blasted in the studio,

"QTIP loves Dicaprio2 , I’m fina 😢," wrote the Atlanta rapper. J.I.D is now just a couple weeks away from dropping off his eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2017's The Never Story, a debut LP that established the 28-year-old as one of the most potent lyricists the south has to offer. Speaking with XXL for the 2018 XXL Freshman shoot last spring, the lyricist explained that he was through playing games and that he was ready to take over.

“I can really spit, bruh,” J.I.D told XXL. “It's a line drawn in the sand; I feel like everybody, notice a change or a shift going on right now.”

Check out Q-Tip  J.I.D's Dicaprio 2 below.

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