After launching an all-out assault on his former group, ex-D-Block member J-Hood seems to be extending the olive branch with his new “Letter to the LOX” track.

In 2007 a disgruntled J-Hood was seen on a YouTube video dragging his D-Block chain on the concrete and disrespecting LOX member Sheek Louch, referring to him as “Cheek Louch.” To make matters worse Hood then appeared on stage with then rival 50 Cent in a further attempt to voice his displeasure with D-Block records.

Hood’s verbal taunts only seemed to anger the label’s CEOs, who refused to let their one-time protégé out of his contract. In an effort to gain public support for his cause Hood released largely ignored diss tracks like “Double Wood” —where he claimed the group is “Knockin’ on 40’s door,”  “Never gonna sell,” and “Kiss My Ass” where he said Jadakiss was “Making Yonkers look bad.”

Now in a strange turn of events J-Hood jumps on the instrumental to Kiss’s “Letter to B.I.G.,” in what seems to be apology of sorts. On the track he spits lines like, “To this day I ain’t seen a group that compare” and “I had to protect myself ‘cause you niggas was talkin’ real slick.” [Listen Here] To top it off J-Hood urges fans to cop Jadakiss’s upcoming album The Last Kiss when it is released on March 10. – Rob Markman