IshDARR's career has continued to move upward since the release of his debut project, Old Soul, Young Spirit, in 2015. Three years later, on Nov. 2, 2018, the Milwaukee, Wis. spitter released Slow Down, KID, a 14-track LP that finds him at his most personal. Now, he continues the momentum in a new freestyle for XXL.

Without hesitation, IshDARR let off bars as introspective as those on his latest project. "Elusive, tad bit compulsive/Working all on my structure, not the one to be fucked with/Ballin' out on a budget, who you tryin' to impress? Pimp for less, feelin' like a pimp in distress/Digress my thoughts, pace counter trackin' every step/Without the blunt, I had to get my mind out the sesh/It's time to assess, gatherin' around the round table/I ain't fond of y'all fables, I don't need the appraisal," he unleashes.

It's all coming full circle for the "Never Ask (Subpar Funk)" rapper. The self-proclaimed "theater kid" who acted in all of his high school's plays is now starring in major motion pictures as well. In September of 2018, IshDARR got in his acting bag and starred in White Boy Rick alongside YG and Matthew McConaughey, one of the more pivotal moments in his career. He's certainly come a long way from working at Forever 21 and Menards, a Wisconsin handy store.

These days, you can catch IshDARR on tour as he preps new music. The rapper is even holding a special show in his native Wisconsin with Emaad, BoodahDarr and MT Twins on Jan. 26, with more scheduled in the near future. It just goes to show that it's only up from here from the promising rap star.

Take a look at IshDARR's latest work above for XXL's What I Do series.

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