Lil Wayne's performance with Imagine Dragons was overshadowed by his quirky wardrobe thanks to the Internet.

Last night (Jan. 7), Tha Carter V spitta hit on the stage with the band for the halftime show at the 2019 College Football Championship in Santa Clara, Calif. From the moment he stepped on stage to perform their "Believer"/"Uproar" mash-up, all eyes were instantly fixated on his oversized, technicolor dream coat and black, thigh-high boots. In sheer Weezy fashion, the "Scared in the Dark" rapper didn't mind making a vivacious entrance, but by the time he made his way offstage the Internet was already set ablaze with viral critiques and unforgettable jokes.

"WHAT IN THE WHAT is LIL Wayne wearing??" exclaimed one Twitter user.

Although he shed the extravagant coat for the rest of their set, social media timelines everywhere were full of hilarious comparisons to pop culture icons in drag from ET to Scooby Doo. Others were reminded of Dennis Rodman, McDonalds' Hamburgular and a mix between Mary Poppins and a crackhead a.k.a Mary Crackins. They also likened the "No Problem" rhymer's choice in footwear to Spongebob Squarepant's squeaky black boots.

"Lil Wayne looks like my grandma in her nightie, big glasses, and talking to herself in the corner," said one Twitter user.

Needless to say, the jokes were brutal, yet hilarious. Check out Lil Wayne's grand entrance during the 2019 College Football Championship's Halftime show and peep the the reactions from Twitter below.

See Fan' Reactions to Lil Wayne's Outfit at the 2019 College Football Championships

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