I hate delusional people. Delusion is the reason that a lot of people can't progress in life. Until you deal with the reality of your situation you will continue to exist in this make believe fantasy world that you have created for yourself. It's a world where you are in control, where you feel comfortable, where no one can judge the stupid shit you do and if they do judge, they aren't telling you the truth they’re “hating.”

In 2010 the Internet has become the epicenter of delusion...

People front on FaceBook, they thug on Twitter, everybody is fabulous, everybody is making major moves, everybody is getting to the money, having so much big fun and all I can do is sit back and say to myself is: The easiest person to deceive is yourself.

I personally know people who aren't doing shit with their life. These are people that I care for as individuals, who I believe are talented but their fucked up mentalities and negative characters supersede their talent and makes me not have any dealings with them what so ever. You know what they say, the company we choose is always a reflection of our character so the people around me reflect who I am. Winners don't hang out with losers, and if you are a winner surrounded by a bunch of losers, then the perception people will have of you is that you’re a loser too!

The sad part of this situation is those who are losing in life, will not take constructive criticism from someone who is doing better than them instead they will go around and say that person is HATING on them, or they will get defensive and try to pick out negative things about the person whose trying to show them better in order to deflect what said person is throwing at them.

Let's be clear, nobody is perfect but the truth to the matter is that there are people on this planet who are doing better than you! I don't care who you are there is always someone more experienced, more powerful, more spiritual, more intelligent, wealthier, stronger and faster and if you are really trying to do better for yourself as a person you will stop, observe and listen to what this person who is doing better than you is saying. It can only benefit you in the long run.

I know what I said just made sense but not to these Imaginary Players, who have Imaginary Haters. In their minds they are doing it! They have the most raggedy car, no place to live, their characters are so foul that people don't even enjoy being in their company but in their mind they are the GREATEST.

It's not self-confidence either, it's delusion, a false sense of entitlement, a sense that the world owes them everything so they don't have to work for anything. I see these people online all the time shouting out to their haters and shouting out to the people that don't want to see them shine, thinking that every constructive criticism that comes out of your mouth to them is negative. I say this to those people the worst of all frauds is too cheat oneself.

You’re not lying to me or the world, Imaginary Player. You’re lying to yourself. These imaginary haters you speak of don't exist, because in reality they see you for the bum, loser type you are, the biggest hater you have is you!

If you look in the mirror everyday and see perfection, then you are delusional, and that is what imaginary players do. They hate on themselves because they are only taking in what they want to hear in life. What you want to hear is not always what you need to hear and what you need to hear even though it's honest and sometimes a harsh truth is not hate. You have nothing to hate on LOSER!!!

There is one thing for which you imaginary players can be thankful, only you and God have all the facts about yourself. Which is great because you know what's really wrong and God knows exactly what to do to correct it, but first you have to stop being delusional and recognize that you do have issues and then pray to God to give you the strength to fix them. Then, after you deal with those issues you can start utilizing your God-given talent and become a real player with real haters. Real haters hate on people who are doing so much better than them not because they actually hate them but because the real players have the courage to try to succeed that the imaginary players don't. So the imaginary player hates the fact that he could be playing for real but he lacks the courage to TRY that the real player has and this is what develops the hate.

So you Imaginary Players with your Imaginary Haters you can continue to pretend in your imaginary world or you can deal with reality like I do. Some of y’all will just choose to talk shit about everything you just read. It's okay if you do, because the REALITY is People (Imaginary Players) cannot change truth, but truth can change people (Imaginary Players).

Peace and blessings,

Charlamagne Tha God

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