Black Twitter, the boisterous social media posse that sounds off on everything urban, has come to the forefront of social networking over the past few years. When any major event occurs, whether in hip-hop, Hollywood or politics; you can almost guarantee that the Twitter critics are going to come flocking in response. The niche clan has become reliable, it's as if Black Twitter is practically a news source of their own. One scroll down your timeline has nearly become the equivalent of watching the 10pm nightly news.

XXL decided to round up a few Black Twitter gems. Looking over the responses to the past week's hip-hop happenings, there's a lot of frustrations going on. Whether users are questioning what went on when rumors spread that Jeezy lost his teeth during a recent performance, waiting on Drake to drop Views From The 6 or still wondering if Meek Mill's crew jumped Quentin Miller; the shenanigans definitely have fans concerned. Not to mention the thousands of tweets dedicated to Kehlani's unfortunate hospital photo last night admitting that she recently attempted suicide.

One thing is for sure and that's a lot is going on in hip-hop right now. As you can always count on Black Twitter to tell it like it is, here are 20 Tweets from concerned hip-hop fans.