On Thursday (Oct. 27), Twitter announced it would officially be shutting down Vine, its six-second video service. It's sad, in a way, though surely inevitable, considering it was the first of its kind to capture video for social media. Instagram followed with their longer format, and Twitter itself quickly figured out it didn't need Vine to broadcast videos.

But Vine was way more than just a video platform. Limits inspire creativity, and the six seconds given to users made them have to do a lot with a little time. It became something of an art form, as users had to perfect their timing, their angles, their facial expressions within a small time frame. There was a sense of pacing that good Vines had, like a scene in a movie, and if you didn't get the timing right, you weren't going viral.

But there was also the contribution Vine made to the rap world. Certain songs, like T-Wayne's "Nasty" and Zay Hilfigerrr & Zayion McCall's "JuJu on That Beat," found huge success on Vine; even Denzel Curry's "Ultimate" is enjoying the same popularity. It was a place for people to act out their favorite parts of songs, much like sampling did for hip-hop producers of old. Considering how Vines loop, the results could be hypnotizing.

Now that Vine's dead, rap Twitter is pouring their favorite hip-hop Vines onto the timeline. Peep some of the best picks below.

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