Back in April of this year, it was reported that OVO Sound artist ILoveMakonnen had separated from Drake's label for good. Ever since, the two haven't associated with each other much, with Drake focusing on Views and Makonnen turning towards a couple solo projects he was able to drop on his own.

But last night (Aug. 28) the Atlanta rapper apparently hopped on Twitter and addressed Drake directly, asking what the matter is between them. "Idk what is this all about?" he wrote, including Drake's handle in the tweet. "i have no beef or animosity towards u, what happen just now is beyond me, I hope we can talk about this," he continued in a tweet he later deleted that you can see below.

He went on to talk about his confusion in tweets also included below. "All I have is love and respect for everyone, I was there tonight to meet and greet everyone with love, this is so weird," he said.

Makonnen was in NYC last night at the same time that the VMAs were going on, so while he might not have been at the ceremony, he very well could have pulled up to club Up & Down in Manhattan, where Drake and Rihanna were seen arriving as well. Perhaps Makonnen ran into Drake at the club and things didn't go so well.

It sounds like Makonnen wants to talk to Drake directly, but no longer has a line of communication with Aubrey or his camp. "If I could reach out to y'all I would," tweeted Makonnen, "but this is the only way y'all gonna see it. Peace and love."

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