Greed can drive people to do unspeakable things, which is probably why it's considered a deadly sin. Iggy Azalea's ex-boyfriend, Hefe Wine, has been relentless in his pursuit to extort as much money as he can from from her. After using an alleged sex tape and access to her personal computer files to break into her pockets failed, Wine has now filed for divorce from their alleged common law marriage.

According to the TMZ video, the Australian rapper claims the two were never married and only dated for about six months when she was 17-years-old. Iggy thinks it's obvious Wine is only trying to get money from her. Wine claims the two have been in a common law marriage since 2008 --- if that is true, Wine would technically be entitled to half of the money she's earned since that time.

Watch Iggy Azalea clear up the marriage rumors in the video above.