It’s been quiet for Iggy Azalea since she announced that she was canceling her 2015 Great Escape tour. She hasn’t even released new music in a year besides her new "Team" single today (March 18), but while fans thought she was putting a stop to the tour due to creative differences, Iggy was really battling internal issues of her own. In a recent interview with Power 106 Los Angeles, the Aussie rhymer opened up about her darkest and lowest moments. You can watch the whole clip above.

Just when things got bad and she thought it couldn’t any worse she was met with more low moments than she could handle. The pressure made her want to resort to suicide. “ I don’t know, there were times when I wanted to just quit life,” she said. Iggy wasn’t just talking about her career; she was contemplating ending it all. “Sometimes I would drive through the canyons to get to my horses and I would be like what if I just kept driving.”

The root of her depression wasn't only about negative comments from fans; it also stemmed from her peers in the industry as well. “People that I work with too, they were like ‘this is it for your career now, so what are you going to do?’ Iggy started feeling the pressures of deportation because she is in America on a work visa and if she’s out of a job that means it’s back to Australia. “My whole life is here, that was a lot for anybody to deal with,” she says.

But through it all Iggy found security in her horses and fiancée Nick Young. Overall she's glad it happened and was able to reconnect with her friends and get back to work with people she started with. It sounds like she's back in the studio with a clear head. Stay tuned for new music coming for her very soon.

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