Despite Kanye West's recent meeting with Donald Trump, the newly minted President-elect isn't exactly popular within the rap community. So it would be a bit surprising if he invited Ice-T--one of the rap game's first overtly anti-establishment rappers--to perform at his inauguration. According to a series of tweets from the "Colors" performer, that's exactly what Trump and his team did--assuming he wasn't joking.

Like a lot of strange things, the story begins with a call from a blocked number. "I just got call to perform at the Inauguration…. I didn’t pick up and Blocked the number," Ice-T says in his tweet. In the next tweet, Ice-T quipped that Trump's team should "Just call Ted Nugent and call it a day."

It turns out Ice-T was joking. "Jokes people... I got Jokes!" he tweeted. This past week, Yeezy met Trump in New York, and considering the perceived randomness of that occurrence, it wouldn't be all that strange for Ice-T to make a joke about himself engaging the Trump campaign. You could also say that Yeezy's meeting with Trump encouraged the Trump administration to reach out to the "New Jack Hustler" rapper.

The Wrap asked Trump's people if they had indeed invited the West Coast icon to take the stage at the President-elect's inauguration. They responded by saying that "First class entertainers are eager to participate in the inaugural events. The inauguration as a whole will be an exciting and uniting celebration of freedom and democracy. We will be releasing further details at the appropriate time.‎”

While we don't expect to see many rappers at Trump's inauguration, no one really saw his meeting with Kanye coming, so who's to say something else equally random won't happen? We could all be in for a huge surprise in January.

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