Ice Cube is looking to add some new music to the soundtrack of N.W.A.’s upcoming biopic. In addition to having his son O’Shea Jackson Jr. play a young Cube in Straight Out Compton, he wants Dr.Dre to create some new music.

"I’m trying to convince Dre that we should do some new tracks for the movie," Ice Cube told MTV News while promoting "22 Jump Street."

They will began shoot the film in L.A. starting in August. Cube said that the cast consists of all unknown actors whose names will be announced with in the next week or two.

When it comes to Straight Out Of Compton Cube said he wants it to be right. "I’m totally involved, I’m engulfed in it. This is our legacy, you can’t play with this, there’s no cutting corners."

[via MTV]

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