On Tuesday (June 20), Prodigy of Mobb Deep died at age 42. The rapper was found unconscious yesterday morning at a Las Vegas hospital, where he passed away. Fans and rappers, young and old, shared their reactions to Prodigy’s untimely death, posting photos of the late MC and condolences to his family on social media.

News of P's death took over the internet after Nas posted an Instagram photo of the late rapper with the caption, "🙏🏾 QB RIP King P. Prodigy 4 Ever." XXL received confirmation that hip-hop lost one of its best MCs, a major blow to the culture.

While Ice Cube was in New York City, he stopped by XXL's office to share his thoughts on Prodigy's passing. "It's a terrible loss," he says. "Mobb Deep to me felt like uncut straight from the street and it just seemed like they just lived like everybody else, not on some super in your face stuff, but just some super real stuff. I just think [Prodigy] has a lot to offer."

Since Prodigy's passing, fans of the late rapper have showed so much love and respect for P's great career. Celebrities like LeBron James and Justin Timberlake shared their thoughts while the New York Yankees paid tribute to Prodigy last night (June 20) at Yankee Stadium. P's catalog, whether with Mobb Deep, his solo work or guest features, is quite illustrious.

Watch Ice Cube open up about Prodigy's death below.

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