What is cooler: A can of Coors Light or Ice Cube? That's the central question behind a new series of advertisements featuring the former N.W.A MC turned entertainment industry maven.

Cube is already slated to appear in two new ads entitled "Cold Talk" and "Cold Challenge." The latter features the iconic rapper and actor in an epic stand-off with a "Super Cold Activated Coors Light." The brand's parent company, MillerCoors, has pledged to increase marketing spending by $50 million this year in an attempt to overtake Budweiser as the second-ranked beer brand in America, and Cube's crossover appeal is certainly part of that plan.

That appeal appears wider than ever. Ice Cube recently received backing from Disney to help write, produce and direct a new film entitled Chrome And Paint. He also plans to produce an upcoming sitcom starring Bow Wow. —Carter Maness