Building upon it’s original vision, HUF incorporates Americana workwear into it’s latest Holiday 2015 Collection to maintain its ties to traditional American heritage. Featuring Team Riders Austyn Gillette, Peter Ramondetta, Brad Cromer, Dan Plunkett, Brand Ambassador Remio, as well as Matt Gotwig, Eugene Hood, and Matt Field, the HUF Holiday lookbook keeps in line with it’s signature aesthetic highlighting pieces such as the Dungaree Denim Shirt and Cigarette Pocket Chambray Shirt and nods to vintage-athletics though a series of sports driven jerseys and jackets.

Main pattern stories for the season includes a traditional Black Watch tartan derived from Scotland, as well as a Mexican serape motif spanning outerwear, fleece, tees, socks, and a woven.


HUF further continues its homage to United States military design with the integration of a custom ERDL camouflage pattern throughout the line, while 90s styling appears through quilted puffer jackets and a Rugby L/S shirt.

Rounding out the delivery is a collaboration with High Times magazine, legendary graffiti artist Stay High 149, as well as a photo-series capsule with long-time friend of the brand Dennis McGrath.

HUF’s 2015 Holiday Collection retails from $8 - $180 and will be available starting Thursday, Oct. 22 at the HUF online store, HUF LA and at HUF retailers worldwide.