The current wave in headwear has become the "Dad Hat." The fashion accessory that was once a joke, has taken off as one of spring's must-have items for the season. With the likes of Kanye West, 2 Chainz and Fabolous, creating their own customized "Dad Hats," the hip-hop community has taken a liking to the dad style caps.

While hats have always been an essential part of hip-hop fans and consumers, the trend of headwear has changed throughout the years. From snapbacks in the '90s to then oversized fitted caps in the early 2000's to then snapbacks and now, the popular dad hats, the headwear game has evolved with the times. Recently, with the countless number of rappers launching their own merch lines, the "Dad Hat" has become the best-selling item for a lot of your favorite rappers. From Kanye releasing "Dad Hats" themed after his seventh LP, The Life Of Pablo to 2 Chainz capitalizing off the current set of trends in hip-hop with his fatherly caps, the steady growth and popular of this style of hat has surprised everyone, including stylists and fashionistas from all over the world.

With the current trend of "Dad Hats" taking over the world, XXL has decided to round up the 10 best Dad Hats of the moment. Check out the styles after the jump.

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