College careers are temporary, but "Swag Surfin'" is forever. That point was made once again at Howard University's recent 2017 commencement ceremony, when Fast Life Yungstaz "Swag Surfin" began playing over the loud speakers and students launched into the now nearly iconic dance.

"My graduation was literally and figuratively on TILT 🙌🏾," wrote an Instagram user who uploaded a video of the Swag Surfin. "I am beyond proud to be a graduate of the Howard University Cathy Hughes School of Communications. Who else gives it up like this?! ❤️💙❤️💙 #HU17 #BlackExcellence #HowardUniversity #hbcugrads #hbcu #hbcugrad."

It was clearly a dope moment for all involved, and it's probably not a scene you'll see at many other universities. Howard U is unique like that, and maybe that's some of the reason Diddy, who attended the school years ago, donated $1 million to the institution last September. Definitely a good investment.

The "Swag Surfin'" dance has been huge ever since Fast Life Yungstaz dropped a song of the same name about eight years ago. The beat sounds like a celebration, and that's pretty much ensues any time the song is played anywhere from family reunions, to basketball games to yes, even commencement ceremonies. Almost a decade later, it doesn't look like it's going away any time soon.

In any case, peep the video for yourself below.

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