James Harden became the new target of The Based God's Curse after doing the cooking dance without crediting Lil B. But here's the thing, Harden says that he doesn't even know who Lil B is. TMZ caught up with James outside of 1Oak in L.A. last night (June 2) and asked what he thought about the whole situation. Harden replied that he didn't even know what happened. He then does on to say that he "doesn't even know who that is." Looks like Lil B's curse didn't phase the NBA player.

Lil B called out the Houston Rockets shooting guard and enacted a curse on Harden. The Bay area native then did it in person at Game 5 between the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors as promised. Some may say the curse worked, because the Rocket went on to lose 104-90 and Harden set a NBA playoff record committing 13 turnovers in the game. After the defeat, B said he would "lift the curse" off Harden. The Based God may just change his mind about lifting the curse off Harden after he finds out about what the NBA All-Star said.

In the short interview, Harden is also asked about his summertime plans, his prediction for the NBA Finals and what video games he likes to play. Check it out above.