Silent on the topic since speaking with Mister Cee on-air the day after the veteran DJ unexpectedly resigned from his duties at the radio station, due to his latest round of transexual solicitation allegations, Ebro, Hot 97's program director, finally unveils his side of the story. Completely backing the station's 20 year employee, Ebro tells "Jay Z's Life + Times" that Cee is on the road to recovery and that all of his haters can simply put a sock in it.

"People honestly they don't give a fuck", said Ebro when asked about the unanticipated amount of love and support Mister Cee has received following the incident.  "And the people that do care that much, like what's up with you man that, that's like your big thing". Continuing, "Some people, their premise for giving a fuck about what people do in the bedroom is religious. Some people's premise for giving a fuck about what goes on in someone else's bedroom they claim it to be a mark on society and they're doing it for...Shut the fuck up man. Like who are you?".

Mister Cee recently chatted with XXL in an exclusive interview, telling everything from how long he has been dealing with his sexual identity crisis to what his next steps will be now that he’s on the road to recovery. Find out more on the topic by clicking the link below.

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