Back in November, Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Jose Guapo teamed up for a mixtape titled Million Dollar Plugs 2. The Atlanta rappers linked up once again to create a music video for the mixtape standout "Juggin Dat Pack" produced by Ryan Hemsworth and Chindamo.

The video sees the duo out in Los Angeles boasting about their respective exploits. Juan and Guapo are shown in front of the famous Hollywood sign and spitting rhymes on a staircase.

The "Juggin Dat Pack" video could be just the beginning of a breakout video for Juan. The "African Diamonds" artist has only been rapping since 2015, yet he's quickly gaining momentum. XXL recently had the chance to speak with Juan, who talked about his lofty aspirations as an artist.

"I’d probably be the next Louis Farrakhan," Juan said. "If you break the game down, Jay Z is doing good for his angle, even people like Ludacris, he doing good, might have T.I. doing movies, but no one’s doing what Farrakhan does. If I make enough money, I’m gonna buy my own water, I’ma have my own cows to get the milk, I’ll have my chickens that grow the eggs. I’m gonna take it a little deeper than any rapper I can say.”

Make sure to check out XXL's entire interview with Juan for more insight on the rising star. The ATLien touched on topics like the influence of Pimp C on his music and the misconceptions about his background.

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