In August, rapper Kid Cali was shot and killed at a mansion party in California. Now, police have charged the homeowner with one count of misdemeanor illegal land use, according to CBS Los Angeles.

The mansion party occurred in an upscale, normally quiet neighborhood of Granada Hills. Investigators tell CBS Los Angeles that the homeowner was paid by a party promoter to rent out the house for the night. Partygoers were charged varying fees to get in the door. “At this house party, the proprietors of the house were charging between $20 and $50 to attend,” LAPD Captain Brian Pratt says. “Alcohol was provided to the patrons.”

Two other people were shot, but were lucky to survive, at the mansion party on Aug. 20. One unnamed neighbor says, “As the night progressed, more people kept showing up, and I went out on my balcony around 9 p.m. and then I saw all the cars dispersing and running out. I didn’t hear the shots, but they were leaving like it was the end of the earth.”

Police sources had previously told TMZ that the gunfire began between two rival gangs. It is not known whether Kid Cali was targeted in this shooting, or if he was an innocent bystander.

Kid Cali was signed to Jaccpot Records, a label started by Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson. The Pro Bowl NFL player took to Instagram when Kid Cali died, typing, "I'm Lost 4 words .. In this Life we Live This the hardest part of it & for some reason this the way it has to end I hate it even had to be you bro I just talked to you less then a week ago and told you how crazy it's been in the city and to stay out the way and u told me you need a get away from all that madness I can't believe this is your get away Brody."

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