Last night, the world of basketball was saddened due to the unexpected retirement announcement of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. The longtime Los Angeles Laker, currently in his second 20th season, took to the Players' Tribune website to post a heartfelt poem about his retirement and love for the game.

The 37-year-old basketball player who has been one of the greatest to ever play the game has accomplished a lot during his tenure in the NBA. With 5 NBA championships under his belt, 17 All-Star selections, MVP trophies, three gold Olympic medals and more. The Black Mamba has been the face of the league since the departure of Michael Jordan. The news of Kobe's retirement still has many people in shock and saddened. And while Kobe will play until the end of the 2015-2016 season, the hip-hop community has already taken to social media to express their appreciation and respect towards the living legend.

Today, we highlight some of the reactions that hip-hop has had since The Black Mamaba's announcement yesterday.

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