Hip-hop and fashion have gone hand-in-hand for years, but with the fashion world accepting the genre more than ever, 2016 is the year where more rappers are landing in fashion campaigns. With high-end fashion brands, streetwear companies, sportswear labels and major retailers tapping into hip-hop, XXL rounds up the artists who have appeared in campaign ads for casual brands rather than high-end.

Most recently, Los Angeles-based skateboard brand HUF tapped "Uber Everywhere" rapper MadeinTYO to be the star of their 2016 Holiday lookbook, promoting the brand's forthcoming apparel and footwear. One campaign that caught a lot of hip-hop heads' attention is KITH's latest fall 2016 collection, which focuses on apparel inspired from 1996 and with the help of Yonkers trio The Lox. The New York retailer received plenty of love online for the collection's concept and campaign, which blends new school and old school.

Over the years there’s been an influx of fashion brands and streetwear companies reaching out to hip-hop celebs. With the influence of today’s rap artists, expect more brands to feature rap acts in their respective campaigns. Now that we’re in fall 2016, take a look at the artists featured in campaign ads for streetwear, sportswear and major retailers thus far this year. From Chance The Rapper to the Lox and more, check out 17 hip-hop artists in 2016 fashion campaigns in the gallery above.

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