Florida-based rapper Hi-Rez has been in the game making noise for a few years and he's just starting to get his just due. With his new album Missing Pieces dropping later this month, he releases the visual for the project's single "Preach," featuring former XXL Freshman Dizzy Wright.

The two MCs meet out in the desert for the visual, rapping in front of a picturesque mountain background. On the track, Rez reminisces about his come up, as he prepares to put out his biggest project to date.

"I remember passing out show flyers/Everybody just ripped them up/I was really thinking 'bout quitting/Spending hella hours trying to pick 'em up/Looking back, I wasted my time/Going at the boy over hit 'em up/I was just trying to get attention/But I dissed some dudes with the bigger buzz/Everyone around me telling lies/Have producers stealing my money/Realized it wasn't down to ride/Put my own team, started acting funny," he raps.

Dizzy gets in on the action with his own nostalgic lines. "So shout out to all my bros and all my day ones/Now this girly smell that ganja when i pull in/I'm just tryna' get my foot in, have my partner get the footage/Kick that real shit for the real ones,I just took them on a field trip/And we still going, still moving," he spits.

Rez's Missing Pieces, hits iTunes on March 27.

Watch the "Preach" video below.

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