Last night (Feb. 4), ABC aired the first episode of Fresh Off The Boat, a new comedy based on restaurateur Eddie Huang's memoir. But the first memorable voice you heard was from a different locale: Detroit's Danny Brown provided the theme song, lending his distinct delivery to a television network for the first time.

Fresh Off The Boat stars Randall Park, Constance Hu and Hudson Yang, the latter playing the young Eddie Huang. The show follows the family of Taiwanese descent as they move from Washington, D.C. to Orlando in hopes of opening and operating a steakhouse. As could be expected, it's full of harrowing moments as Eddie and his brothers try--and sometimes fail--to assimilate to their surroundings.

While not an aspiring chef, much of Danny Brown's music wrestles with similar feelings of being an outsider, an alien in destitute neighborhoods. According to Brown's Instagram, Huang reached out to the Old rapper to commission the song, which sacrifices none of Brown's unmistakable vocal tics. What should be an unnatural pairing makes perfect sense--who else but Brown would be able to put himself in the shoes of a young Taiwanese kid?

Brown has been vocal about his desire to diversify his creative pursuits. Earlier this year, he expressed his excitement about the children's book he's working on; according to Brown, he hopes to use the medium to promote healthy body images among young Black girls.