Today, Nov. 9, marks the birthday of Houston rap icon, Scarface. He is now 48.

Face got his start in the legend Texas rap group The Geto Boys in the late 1980s, moving on to become one of the most celebrated names in rap.

Scarface broke out on his own in 1991 with the brash, classic debut Mr. Scarface Is Back. In 1997, he celebrated his highest charting single with the song "Smile" featuring 2Pac and Johnny P. Clocking numerous hits and classic songs during his impressive rap career, Scarface has 12 solo projects to date, including his latest album, Deeply Rooted, released in September 2015.

In summer 2017, Scarface embarked on his Live Experience Tour with DJ Quik, who at the time announced they were working on a joint EP. In July 2018, the city of Houston gave Scarface his own holiday.

Happy Birthday, Scarface!

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