Today, March 16, is the 37th birthday of Detroit rapper Danny Brown, one of the very best lyricists the Midwest has to offer.

Known for his rock-infused fashion sense, funny, brazen lyrics and high pitched rap style, Danny Brown has been making waves since his 2010 debut album, The Hybrid. Brown signed to Fool's Gold Records in 2011 and dropped his second album, XXX, in 2012 to rave reviews. Brown's meteoric rise earned him a spot on the XXL Freshman cover in 2012 and a MTV Woodie Award in 2013.

Most recently, Danny dropped his fourth studio album Atrocity Exhibition in September of 2016, and just the other day we got to hear a preview of his new collab with Bones.

While Brown had a pretty quiet 2017 on the music front, it was a year that was still filled with a few signs pointing toward a doper feature. Famous partially for his chipped teeth, Brown ended up getting his damaged teeth replaced with some sparkling new pearly whites in September 2017, and it's quite the look.

When Brown wasn't getting his teeth fixed, he was taking his showtime exploits to new heights when he performed alongside Run the Jewels with nothing but his underwear on. A couple months later, in November 2017, Brown teased his still-forthcoming new album, claiming that the project will be produced by a rap legend. Not too much else has come from that proclamation, but we can only hope Brown's 37th year will see the project released. Here's to that, and, of course, one of hip-hop's most talented people.

Happy Birthday, Danny!

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