According to Greg Nice, Tupac felt like it was his responsibility to end hip-hop's East Coast vs. West Coast feud. In an new interview with Vlad TV, Greg Nice said the "Dear Mama" rapper wanted to make the One Nation collaboration album with Boot Camp Clik as a way of mending fences and putting a stop to the beef.

"I actually helped him put that together because he thought Easy Mo Bee was upset with him," Greg Nice said of the One Nation LP. "He thought certain people was mad at him because of the things he was saying on records and stuff. I told him, 'Mo ain't mad at you.' He's like, 'He's not?' I'm like, 'Hold on, let me call him. Yo Mo, here, talk to Pac.' They screaming and laughing. I said, 'See, your boys love you.'"

Greg Nice explained that he acted as a liaison for Tupac and helped the Death Row rapper reconnect with artists on the East Coast.

"[Tupac] said, 'I just feel bad cause I know people mad at me, man. I miss New York," Greg Nice said. "I was like, 'Yo, you want Premo to do some music with you?' He's like, 'Yeah.' I called Premo. You wanna get Fat Joe? I'll get Fat Joe too. He's like, 'Do you know how to reach the other guy, Buckshot?' I'm like, 'Yeah!' And we started doing it just like that and it started happening. It was going down. He was like, 'I gotta fix this.'"

Check out the entire interview for some great stories including how the two rappers' friendship began and how Tupac brought Greg Nice out to the West Coast for a joyful reunion.

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