On a recent episode of ESPN's SportsNation, Action Bronson claimed that Ghostface Killah "isn't rapping like this anymore" and after a series of since-deleted tweets saying that Ghost is his idol and a major influence, Toney Starks has responded with a vengeance. In a six-minute rant, Ghostface let's what seems like a lot of pent up feelings about Bronson go while Teddy Pendergrass provides the soundtrack. With violent threats thrown at Bronsolino, Ghostface let's the Queens rapper know that the fun and games are over and that he has fathered his whole style. 

"First of all you little fat fuck," starts Ghost. "Who gives you the right to even mention my name out your muthafuckin' mouth....You done fucked up. Listen man, you could never fuck with my pen, my nigga. My sword, my blade, whatever you want to call it, I'm too nasty for you. This is why the fuck you look up to me, and sound like me."

Later during the rant, Ghost reveals that the two had a phone conversation after the SportsNation interview and the Wu-Tang rapper felt disrespected after Bronson deleted the apologetic tweets. Towards the end, Ironman gets downright psychotic when he says, "Don't let me hang you from a fuckin' rope and gut you like a pig to let you out to dry, 'cause it can get done." Wow.

Bronson took to Twitter to take responsibility for his comments and say he was in the wrong: