Gangsta Boo mined some classic material for her latest single. The Memphis rapper put a new spin on Three 6 Mafia's familiar "Smoked Out Loced Out" chant with her song called "Loc'd Out Smoked Out." Now, the veteran MC returns to the track for a music video.

The visual does a great job of capturing the vibe of this Stunt-N-Dozier produced record. Gangsta Boo roams through a grow house while unleashing her potent rhymes.

"You know I keep it lit/Ain't never been a lightweight/Light that motivation then I pour some inspiration/Fucked around/Smoke you under the table, that's where you were found/Underground is where I reside and I ain't gon' change my sound," Gangsta Boo raps.

Gangsta Boo's "Loc'd Out Smoked Out" shows that she's still got the Three 6 Mafia style down pat. Unfortunately, fans won't be seeing a reunion. Juicy J recently revealed that he has no desire in reuniting the group following the deaths of Lord Infamous and Koopsta Knicca.

“On some real shit, I feel like it wouldn’t be the same without [Lord Infamous and Koopsta Knicca],” Juicy J said told DJ Whoo Kid. “If I’ma bring back the group, when they passed away, it just… It’s kind of difficult. But I wanna do a Three 6 Mafia biopic. I feel like all the music today sounds like Three 6 Mafia. I want people to see not just Three 6 Mafia. We had Project Pat, we had Lil Wyte, we had La Chat, we had T-Rock, we had Indo G. We had so many artists that contributed to Hypnotize Minds. It was like a movement.”

Individuals members like Gangsta Boo will have to carry the Three 6 Mafia torch in lieu of a reunion. Look out for her next project, a collaborative album with Alabama rapper Jackie Chain called Stoner Club Music.

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