While fans wait for the Lil Uzi Vert remix of "Who Run It," G Herbo drops the video for the original version of the song.

Directed by Laka Films, the video finds Herbo chilling at home with his crew, drinking and smoking. The Chicago rapper also shows off clips of himself on a phone as he asks who's the best. "Who you think you ahead of? Not us," Herbo raps in the video. "In the S or the Porsche Carerras somethin'."

Originally released as a freestyle, Herbo was inspired to release a full version of "Who Run It" after Drake recommended it. Drizzy made the suggestion in the Chicago rapper's Instagram DMs, writing, "Why you spaz on who run it like that. I been listening for like 5 days straight to the same 30 second clip. You should make that a song and just drop it."

Herbo eventually delivered and now promises a remix of the song. On March 27, the rapper played a preview of a remix featuring Lil Uzi Vert. While it's difficult to decipher what exactly Uzi is saying, the Philadelphia rapper showcases his rapid-fire flow, matching Herbos' intensity on the track.

"Who Run It" is G Herbo's latest video, following the release of "Done for Me." The song is featured on the re-released version of Humble Beast. The deluxe edition of the project includes 14 new songs, bringing the total to 27.

Watch G Herbo's "Who Run It" video below.

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