G Herbo unleashed the heartfelt record "Take Me Away" back in December. Since the song was not included on his Strictly 4 My Fans mixtape, the Chicago MC gives it a spotlight with a music video directed by LVTRTOINNE. The visual sees G Herbo in some beautiful locales as he bares his soul in his rhymes.

"I'm from a place where it ain't safe to put my gun away/This street shit ain't the same no more, they took the fun away/I used to post up on that block and have my gun on waist/Knee deep in them streets with nothing to say, I ain't playing no fucking games/I was with my niggas, you know they with it, ain't hang with no fucking lames/Don't drop our names, still dropout gang, we'll pull up bust some brains/I remember them days in the studio late sweating like a fucking slave/Too many days now I take a day just to make 100k/100,000 days, I was up at night tryna make another wave/Got my mama another place, that other shit don't mean nothing to me," G Herbo raps.

"Take Me Away" did not appear on G Herbo's Welcome to Fazoland 1.5 EP either, so it could be destined for his debut album Humble Beast. The 2016 XXL Freshman announced the LP before taking the stage for a March 8 concert in his hometown of Chicago.

“My debut album is dropping this summer, Humble Beast,” Herbo said during the interview with Red Bull Sound Select. “This summer for sure, I’m gon’ scream it out loud to the crowd for everyone to hear.”

Watch G Herbo's "Take Me Away" video below.

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