It's been well documented that G-Eazy puts on for his hometown. He raps about his West Coast life often and now his confidence in the Golden State Warriors is as high as ever. While picking up his car from valet, TMZ asked him about his thoughts on the 4th quarter comeback from the Warriors. G-Eazy replied, "I'm going to game four with a broom." We're sure that he'll be of the minority as game four will take place on Cavaliers' home turf.

In typical TMZ fashion, the reporter hits G-Eazy with several other questions. But instead of stumbling and saying something wild, he handles them gracefully. When asked if LeBron should be removed from the GOAT conversation if he gets swept, G-Eazy makes the quick distinction between being considered the greatest player (LeBron) and going up against the greatest team (the 2017 Warriors). Then he proceeds to give props, where they're due, to LeBron. Regarding the Finals' MVP, G-Eazy believes Steph Curry and Kevin Durant will share the title but then doubles back with a wink and says, "Durant will probably get it."

Finally, he brushes off the question about the Kardashian curse involving Tristan Thompson, with a "Who knows man."

G-Eazy would probably be ecstatic with the Warriors' bringing home the trophy as a belated birthday gift. He recently celebrated his 28th birthday and it looked like a straight zoovie.

You can watch the short clip of G-Eazy below.

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