The Atlanta Falcons defeated the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL's divisional round this past weekend by a score of 36 to 20, and there is speculation as to what role Future may have played in the victory. Future's ex and the mother of his child, Ciara, is married to Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, and come game day, there was Future, a native Atlantan, on the Falcons' sideline. The rapper insists though that he wasn't trolling Wilson, a source close to him telling TMZ he was simply supporting his side.

According to the source, Future is close with a number of Falcons, all-pro wide receiver Julio Jones among them. The rapper is expected to be present again this coming Sunday (Jan. 22) when the Falcons take on the Green Bay Packers for the conference title. That game, like the one against the Seahawks, will take place in Atlanta.

Prior to that Seahawks game, the team's official DJ said he planned to play Future records as he typically would. “This is Atlanta. I play Future at every home game,” Jay Envy said. “That’s like not playing [Kanye] in Chicago. It just doesn’t happen. I’m not not going to play Future because of a certain team or player…I’m going to play it and, to be honest, no one has hit me up directly saying I can’t play the records I normally play.”

Both the playlist and Future's appearance look to be business as usual for the surging Falcons, the potential Wilson influence being secondary and/or unintended it would now seem.

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