Back in early June, XXL reported on the lawsuit Rocko was bringing against Future for some $10 million. Rocko claimed that Future had breached a 2011 contract they had signed entitling the "Umma Do Me" rapper to a cut of the money Future made from a certain amount of albums. The alleged breach involved Future cutting a side deal with Epic for more money without giving Rocko a piece of any of that dough.

Now, Future's clapping back. TMZ reports that Future says Rocko's claims to a cut of the Epic deal are false, and the Freebandz head honcho is even countersuing Rocko and his A1 label for not covering recording costs or providing advances of $10,000.

Day one Future fans know a beef has been brewing between these two for a long time. A1 was the first label Future signed to, but after Hendrix leveled up and signed to a major, Rocko started telling stories about how he was the one who brought Future into meetings with L.A. Reid. That didn't sit too well with Future, who denied those stories, and soon the two grew distant. When the news broke of Rocko suing the Wizard back in June, few people were surprised.

But Future took offense, and hopped on Twitter to blast Rocko. "My dog gave a statement," Future wrote after the news broke. "Real street nigga went to the court house, how did it feel when u signed the papers????" Rocko shot back, "LORD KNOWS I HAVEN'T SEEN A COURTHOUSE IN AGES! THAT'S WHAT LAWYERS ARE FOR!"

For those who aren't so familiar, read about Rocko and Future's history and peep some of their best collabs together right here.

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