Well, damn. Apparently, French Montana and Khloe Kardashian's love affair went from 100-0 real quick. Although, the two appeared to be inseparable lovebirds in the eyes of the media, it has been reported by E! that they have parted ways.

According to E!, it was Khloe who stuck the dagger in the heart of French by calling it quits. It has been reported that French is taking the break-up really hard and "won't really accept it." Despite the two being nestled in the arms of one another in every possible picture they took together, Khloe appeared to be taken back by French Montana's "needy and obsessive" behavior.

While Khloe and French are still in contact, Montana is working his hardest to reel her back into his life. The source added that though they have an amicable friendship, that  "eventually they will be totally broken up." For the record, the source finally concluded that "for all intents and purposes, Khloé is single again."

It was a good run for Khloe & French. For old time sake, check out the two in French's “Don’t Panic” video.