French Montana called into Hot 97 to share some more details about Max B's prison release. The "Lockjaw" rapper told Funkmaster Flex that Max B took a plea deal which reduced his prison sentence from 75 years to 20.

"He took a plea deal cause the numbers was crazy," French explained. "They gave him that whole 75 years cause he blew trial. So when he took the plea deal, they knocked the years down from 75 to 20 and he already got almost 10 years in."

French Montana also reiterated his previous statements about how soon Max B could be home. At worst, Max B fans will have to wait six more years for the return of Biggaveli.

"They're saying he could come home as early as two years," French said. "But if he fuck it up in there, he could do up to six."

Since Funkmaster Flex had French Montana on the line, he decided to ask a few questions about the MC's new relationship with Iggy Azalea. French did not let too much slip, but he did talk about how the two first met.

"We had did a cover before," French said, referencing their appearance on 2012 XXL Freshman cover. "I always knew her, but she was always in a relationship."

French Montana's brief comments also made it clear the rappers are more than friends. It looks like the couple is getting pretty serious too since French Montana just bought Iggy Azalea seven diamond rings.

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