One week after sports writer Bill Simmons announced that he was a fan of Freddie Gibbs, the 2010 XXL Freshman confirmed that he will be appearing on the hugely popular correspondent’s podcast, The BS Report.

It all started last Tuesday, after Simmons took to his twitter account, which boasts over 1.2 million followers, to call Gibbs “The savior of gangsta rap.” Before continuing, “I want him for BS Report in studio. Bleeps be damned.”

When contacted by, the Gary, Indiana MC, confirmed that he and ESPN's "sports guy" will be meeting in person soon. “I’m going on The BS Report,” Gibbs said. “We gon’ talk some sports and some gangsta rap, baby.”

According to Gibbs, Bill got his Str8 Killa EP from one of his friends. Asked what his thoughts are on having such an unlikely fan, Freddie said he was “shocked.”

Stay tuned to to find out when the show will air. —Jesse Gissen

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