If you thought Freddie Gibbs was done going at Jeezy's neck, you were wrong. Since parting ways with Da Snowman's label last December, Gibbs has made his stance with the ATL rapper clear. But, apparently he wants to make his views crystal clear. Last night, he took to Twitter to promote his upcoming project, Pinata and revealed that in one of his upcoming songs, he will go at Jeezy, again. "I blow jeezy f kennedy head off on one of these new records," he typed.

Jeezy has yet to respond to the young rapper's taunts. A talk between the two rappers doen't seem like it will lead to a resolution at this point. "F#ck all y'all peace treaty ass niggaz," Gibbs later tweeted apparently responding to tweeters telling him to quell the beef. "Undisputed. Underground King. Fuck snow he know where I'm at," he added.

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib's upcoming collaborative LP, Pinata is due out, February 4.

[via Vlad]