Freddie Gibbs has been formally charged with sexually assaulting a woman while on tour in Austria last year, according to a new Reuters report. The incident allegedly happened backstage in July of last year.

Gibbs, who has denied any wrongdoing, was arrested in France earlier this year before being extradited to Austria.

"He is alleged to have administered knock-out drops to a woman and then have abused her sexually while she was in a defenseless state," a spokesman for Vienna's criminal court said. He has been charged with "sexual abuse of a defenseless or psychologically impaired person" and could face a maximum of 10 years if found guilty.

Thomas Kralik, a Vienna-based lawyer for Gibbs, said his client neither abused nor had sexual contact with the woman and had yet to be formally notified of the charge. He strenuously denies (the accusations)," said Kralik, who also maintains that Gibbs had nothing to do with spiking the woman's drink.

A U.S. lawyer for Gibbs, Theodore Simon, said in a statement, "While Freddie Gibbs was charged with an offense today, it remains only an allegation, and it does not in any way change the actual facts that Freddie Gibbs is 100 percent innocent."

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