We've been waiting four years for the follow up to Frank Ocean's much loved channel ORANGE album, and some fans are starting to get restless. The Odd Future artist's highly anticipated sophomore project Boy Don't Cry has been teased by the singer on a number of occasions, with the most recent hint of the release date speculated to be in July. With less than 48 hours left in the month, people are feeling shafted once again, with one person speaking out and offering the most perfect dual-personality rant any Ocean fan could muster.

Captured by The Shade Room, the letter shows off the love-hate relationship most people have with the super low key artist.

"Fuck you Frank (Nah, I didn't mean that I love you fam)," the author writes. "Why you taking so long with this fucking album? (It's really ok, take all the time you need. I love you bro). Word to my moms I aint buying nuffin. I will illegal download every track on that album. (idk why I'm playing mysself I'll buy like four copies. I love you cuz). Listen, it deadass the end of July. No one has ever played me for this long. You played all of us Frank. Don't worry we are still gonna be your fans 'til the world ends. I luv you man). In all honestly...fuck you. (I love you fam).

The letter is singed "Everyone in Earth."

The author's sentiment is shared by a number of Frank Ocean fans. It wouldn't be as bad it we weren't getting teased by people who have heard the project and are calling it great. Now we wait, even longer.

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