Flo Rida pulled out of his performance at this year's Miss USA pageant due to Donal Trump's racist remarks about Mexican immigrants during his presidential campaign announcement. The pageant is taking place in Baton Rouge. Flo's representative confirmed Wednesday (July 1) that he would not perform, reported the Associated Press. NBC Universal also severed ties with the GOP candidate. They were previously in a joint venture with Trump for the annual Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants. Instead of being televised on NBC and Univision—which was the first to sever ties with Trump—the USA Pageant will be air on the cable network Reelz.

“The decision on the part of Reelz to acquire the rights to the Miss USA Pageant was based on our belief that this special event, and the women who compete in it, are an integral part of American tradition,” Reelz CEO Stan E. Hubbard said in a statement. “As one of only a few independent networks, we decided to exercise our own voice and committed ourselves to bringing this pageant to American viewers everywhere.”

Trump announced his candidacy for president on June 16. Variety reports "in his speech, he insinuated that Mexican (as well as South American and other Latin American) immigrants are “rapists” and are “bringing drugs” and “bringing crime” into the United States. He also said he wanted to build a “great wall” between the U.S. and Mexico and force Mexico to pay for it."

Check out the list of everyone trying to sever ties with Donald Trump here.

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