Fat Trel spent most of 2016 on the wrong side of the law.

In March, he was arrested and accused of possession of counterfeit money, after he tried to use the fake bills at a Maryland casino. The Maybach Music Group artist was caught handing nine fake $50 dollar bills to the pit boss. He claimed to have gotten the cash from an ATM, but was still taken into custody.

The very next month, he was arrested again. This time he was charged with multiple crimes, including DWI, narcotics distribution, speeding and driving with a revoked license.

The latter charges were apparently too much for the rapper to overcome, and he had to sit down for a minute. But he has something to say from behind bars.

The DC MC recently released a message from his current location at the Correctional Treatment Facility in SE Washington, D.C., warning of his return.

"What it do, man. It's the kid Fat Trel," he starts on the message that was revealed through his Instagram page. "Still holding it down for the real niggas in the struggle. Trouble don't last always, only tough niggas do, ya heard me. I'll be back real soon, man. It's still Slutty Boyz 'til I die. Double MG, y'all already know what the fuck it do. Shout out to the whole squad. I'll be back, man. Gang."

Trel didn't offer any further details on his pending release. Listen to the message below.

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