Fat Trel finds himself in trouble once again. Just a few weeks after getting busted for using counterfeit money, the Maybach Music Group rapper was arrested on multiple charges.

ABC 7 News in Washington D.C. reports that Fat Trel was arrested for DWI, narcotics distribution, speeding and driving with a revoked license. Arlington County Police confirmed that they arrested Fat Trel, whose real name is Martrel Reeves, last night (April 6). No additional details on the arrest have been reported.

This latest arrest comes just weeks after Fat Trel was picked up for using counterfeit bills at a casino. The D.C. rapper was caught handing nine counterfeit $50 bills to the pit boss as he attempted to exchange them for chips at a Maryland casino on March 27.

Trel claimed he was innocent as he argued that the counterfeit bills came from an ATM. The Gleesh rapper asserted that he got a hold of the fake money through a 7-Eleven ATM in the D.C. area.

It has obviously been a bad couple of weeks for the rhymer. However, he had a productive 2015, releasing two mixtapes over the course of the year. Fat Trel's most recent project was a 22-track mixtape title Muva Russia, which dropped back in December. Since then, he's popped up with a few new tracks.

Trel joins the long list of rappers to jump on Desiigner's "Panda" instrumental with his own rendition. The "She Fell in Love" rapper also teamed up with A$AP Ant for a record called "The Way It Go Part 2."

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