Fat Joe says homosexuals, especially in hip-hop, should be gay and proud.

When asked about the recent Mister Cee situation, during which he was allegedly caught with a transgender prostitute, the Bronx rapper told Vlad TV that "Whatever his preference is, it's up to him. I'm not here to tell him what's right or wrong."

"I'm pretty sure I've done songs with gay rappers," he continued. "I'm pretty sure of that. I'm pretty sure the football niggas is gay, the basketball niggas is... niggas is gay."

Fat Joe when on to say he isn't a fan of people that hide their sexuality, and if you're gay, you should be open with it.

"There's millions of gay people in the world, girls too," Joey Crack said. "I'm not a fan of that shit, either. I'm a fan of, 'I'm gay, what the fuck!?' In 2011 you gotta hie that you gay? Like, be real. 'Yo, I'm gay, what the fuck!' Fuck it if people don't like it."

Joe shared his theory about homosexuals in the music industry, saying he's almost certain there is a "gay mafia" running hip-hop.

"Not rappers, editorial presidents of magazines, PDs at radio stations, people that give you awards at award shows," he clarified. "This is a gay mafia, my man. They are in power. So, why wouldn't a guy come out and say, 'Yo, I'm gay,' and get that type of love?"

Fat Joe used Lady Gaga as an example, saying, "I don't know if she's gay, but, she's running with that gay shit for real, and she is winning."

"I think it's 2011, going on 2012. Rep your set," he suggested.—Gina Montana